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Sri Lanka Escapes welcomes you to where the original souls of Buddhism still flourish and nature's beauty remains closely untouched. Explore pristine beaches, unforgettable landscapes, and wildlife experiences while captivating its full cultural heritage. Sri Lanka is a tropical island and it is known as ‘The Peal of the Indian Ocean’. This beautiful country offers amazing experiences with majestic waterfalls, wild elephants, ancient temples, amazing tropical white sand beaches, jeep rides and animal safaris, lush green tea plantations with a touch of uniqueness serenity, mountains, and picturesque landscapes and viewpoints.       


Sri Lanka is an up-and-coming tourist destination and is on the topic of conversation because of its diversity and welcoming people. Travelling with Sri Lanka Escapes gives you an authentic insight into the country's culture and allows you to explore the wonders of Sri Lanka in a variety of different ways. We have partnered with professional local travel guides to bring you culturally unique experiences. 


Sri Lanka Escapes offer amazing value and will leave you inspired with our 7, 11, 14, 18, and 21 day and Group Tours.

Sri Lanka Escapes Transport

private air-conditioned . safe . comfortable . experienced English speaking local chauffeur


2 - 3 Travellers


3 - 5 Travellers


5 - 8 Travellers


8 - 14 Travellers

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