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Privacy Statement: Privacy & Cookie Policy

This Privacy Statement applies to all services, services and website

Sri Lanka Escapes offers  tours, accommodations, for travellers in the broadest sense of the word. Our services are offered to consumers and business travelers whereby a booking agreement can be concluded between the traveler and Sri Lanka Escapes.

Privacy Protection

We realise that your privacy (protection) is very important. For you and us. This Privacy Statement applies to visitors and users of our website and all customer contacts with our tour operations with regards to all products and services offered by Sri Lanka Escapes. We respect your privacy and hereby inform you about the data we collect and process.

Third Parties
This Privacy Statement only applies to our own website, services and agreements. On our website you may find third-party hyperlinks and/or Social Media links or references. We are not responsible or liable for the content they link to, nor the Privacy Policy of these third parties.

Privacy: how, what we collect briefly and why
Personal data is necessary for the execution of any (transport or travel) agreement. These are recorded by telephone, e-mail or our website, and on your initiative if you wish to make a quotation or request or make a booking for a particular trip, transport service or other tourist activity. For this we need your contact details, including your name, address, e-mail address and telephone number. The personal data then known to us will be processed with the greatest possible care and in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation. Sri Lanka Escapes expressly complies with the Privacy Act 1988.

Not yet 16?
We expressly do not wish to process personal data of young people under the age of 16 without the express consent of the parents or legal representative. If we discover a violation of this, or in case of misuse, we will immediately remove all personal data or approach you to obtain this permission from a parent, guardian or legal representative. If the personal data of young people under the age of 16 are provided in conjunction with a parent, guardian or other legal representative, Sri Lanka Escapes may assume that the personal data are provided with their permission and thus processed.

Personal Data
By this we mean all data that can be traced back to an individual: name, address, e-mail address, (mobile) telephone number, any preferences that are necessary for the proper execution of the travel agreement, data about religion, a copy ID and other data with which you personally can be identified. We only use the personal data that you voluntarily provide to us or are obliged to provide, pursuant to laws and regulations and/or for the correct execution of the (travel or transport) agreement or arranging another tourist service . We will never use this information for commercial purposes without your express permission. We never share customer data with third parties, unless with our assistants who are involved in your trip, such as the airline, the accommodation or to reserve a transfer etc. During the booking process you may also be asked to provide details of those staying at home for emergencies. We can assume that you inform the people who stay at home yourself that we have data about them in our possession and that we will only use it in the event of a calamity or necessity.

Registration Obligation
As of 1988 and by virtue of the law, our organisation is to a certain extent obliged to keep a register of what we collect, the way in which we collect personal data, for what purpose, about the retention period and with whom we share personal data. Special data has our extra attention. This is the information that tells us or our assistants more about your possible religious or medical background (for example, a "no pork" diet, a "gluten-free" diet). The register must be available at all times in order to be able to check which (special) personal data we have from our customers, why and how we handle it.

Transfer to and Sharing with Third Parties
Sri Lanka Escapes will never use your data for purposes other than those described in this Privacy Statement, unless a legal obligation or regulation gives rise to this or obliges us to do so. We do not make the data available to third parties, unless this is necessary for making the reservation or agreement. 

Who has access to your personal data at Sri Lanka Escapes?
Sri Lanka Escapes is a small business. The employees of Sri Lanka Escapes must be able to view your file data at all times. Due to the legal obligation to offer help and assistance to you or those who stay at home in the event of an emergency or in the event of a complaint, our employees are authorized to view your file data. We must be able to provide 24/7 assistance in case of an emergency. However, in the unlikely event of illness, vacation or otherwise, we reserve the right to engage a third party, being an affiliated travel company or temporary worker, to be reachable, provide service and assistance or to be able to edit your reservation. Involved auxiliary persons such as airlines and accommodations who are engaged for the execution of any (travel or transport) agreement, each obtain part of your personal data.

Transfer outside the EC/EEA
We do our best to ensure that your personal data is also safe with our agents who are located outside the EC/EEA. Normally – and with the exception of airlines – they do not receive more than your (family) name, arrival and departure dates, a booking or reservation number, your age and any preference (preference or essence) in terms of diet, assistance, etc. However, we cannot guarantee that auxiliary persons/third parties established outside the EC/EEA (Sri Lanka) offer the same guarantees as we usually do. On the other hand, auxiliary persons, with the exception of airlines and national authorities, will hardly be able to link your name to an address determined by us alone.

Transfer more specific if Booked
Accommodation: surname and first name or letters, reservation number, preferences (preferences or essentials), travel time. This information is necessary to make and verify the reservation if you check in and stay there.

Others: The list of suppliers is inexhaustible and almost always cross-border. Your surname, first name, any specific preference for a certain service, etc. will therefore be shared with the suppliers/auxiliary persons to be deployed. We can never guarantee that suppliers established outside the EC will observe the same privacy rules as are customary and required in the EC/EEA. After all, European legislation is not legally established in countries outside the country and has its own national legislation, such as Sri Lanka.

Emergency: If for any reason you are forced to cancel your trip or if something happens at the destination, this may mean that you share medical data with us. If we have to provide help and assistance ourselves under EC 90/314 or EC 2015/2302 or national legislation, this may mean that we must provide our assistants with certain information in order to provide adequate assistance. We will never use this obtained data for other purposes as described here nor share it with unauthorized third parties. However, there can always be a legitimate interest in informing auxiliary persons about the traveler's condition or background in order to offer that help or to achieve a solution for any problem.

Retention period and mandatory recording of data
a. The Tax and Customs Administration obliges companies to keep financial records for a period of seven years, calculated from 1 January in the year of the service. The invoices (and travel agreement) that we prepare, the payments that you and we make, the check of our administration by an accountant or administration office; all financial data must be kept for 7 years including the contact details of our customers, and the financial data.

b. If for reasons of our own we need a copy of ID, noting that Sri Lanka Escapes will never request this without a justified reason and always on behalf of its assistants such as an airline, visa agency or embassy, ​​we strongly recommend that you provide this digitally to us and using the free smartphone app 'Digital ID' or 'myGovID'. Only then can you save the photo and/or describe a goal and email it to our organisation.
Explicit: Due to the nature of our work we will keep a copy of ID as long as the cooperation with the traveler or client continues. The digital data (email, file) will only be definitively deleted after termination of the agreement, cooperation or in the event of an objection. If we receive a paper copy, it will be destroyed in due course using a paper shredder.

Unsubscribe, access, complaint and delete data
The person responsible for the processing of your personal data is Sri Lanka Escapes. If you no longer wish to process the information that you have shared with us after reporting or that you have provided us on request, and/or if you have a complaint or if you wish to exercise your right to obtain information about the personal data recorded by us, change or improve or transfer, you can notify this by email to We will assess your request and provide a motivated response. The processing of such a request can take up to 14 days.    

IP address and log files
When you access a website, servers automatically record the data your browser sends. These so-called server log files may contain data such as your web request, IP address, browser type, browser language, the date and time of the visit and one or more cookies that identify your browser. This data is used to generate statistics and/or analyze surfing behavior and to optimize the website. The IP address is usually stored to ensure network security and to check for infringement of any intellectual property right and/or any other violation of the Law and we will never voluntarily provide these.

The Sri Lanka Escapes website and systems are secured with the SSL protocol (htpps). The transmission of data therefore takes place over secured, encrypted network connections. We also use professional, paid and always updated antivirus and anti-hacking program. An encrypted VPN connection is used for communication and the consultation or processing of files. The backup storage of data takes place 24/7 via an encrypted connection. The service is only accessible via a secure SSL connection (https) and access to the server is only available through the IP addresses allowed by the processor. In the unlikely event of a data breach, Sri Lanka Escapes is obliged to record this, to report it to the Australian Data Protection Authority within 72 hours and we will inform you as far as appropriate about the leak, the reason and the measures. which we have taken to prevent a recurrence.  


Our site uses the following cookies:

Functional cookies
These cookies may store the name of your browser, the type of computer and technical information about how you are connected to our Site, such as the operating system and internet provider used, as well as other similar information. This information is used to technically facilitate navigation and use of the Site. In addition, technical cookies can be used to save personal settings such as language, or to remember your order information for subsequent visits upon request.

Analytical cookies
Our Site uses analytical cookies placed by Google Analytics to measure the number of visits as well as the areas of the Site that are most popular with Users. This information is used to provide aggregated and statistical information about the use of our Site and is also used to improve the content of our Site in order to enrich the user experience. In addition, our Site uses analytics cookies to measure how you found our Site, in order to measure the effectiveness of email campaigns, advertisements or AdWords on other third-party sites. The analytics cookies are linked to the personal data we store about you as set out above, to personalize our newsletters and for personalized advertisements on third-party sites. However, Google may combine this data with generic data it holds about a user and obtained through its other services. Since Sri Lanka Escapes has no control over these services, please refer to Google's information about its services.

Advertising Cookies via Facebook and Third-Party Sites

Our sites use cookies to display a personalised newsfeed and advertisements based on your past website browsing and purchasing behavior when you visit Facebook or other third-party sites. If you have not agreed to this Privacy and Cookie Policy, Sri Lanka Escapes advertisements may still appear on other sites and in your social media news feeds, but these will not be personalised by our service providers or by us. Sri Lanka Escapes's Privacy and Cookie Policy does not govern the use of such website and we recommend that you refer to the applicable Privacy and Cookie Policy of such website in case you require additional information.

Social Media Cookies
You may share parts of our site on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These social media use cookies to enable you to do this. Sri Lanka Escapes's Privacy and Cookie Policy does not apply to the use of such websites. We would like to refer you to the Privacy and Cookie Policy of the relevant social media platform for information about their use of these cookies (Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn).

Deleting Cookies
Cookies do not store your data such as your e-mail address or telephone number, but usually process your IP address. If you do not want cookies to be stored on your computer or if you want to delete cookies that have already been stored, you can arrange this via the settings screen in your browser settings. The adjustment of these settings differs per browser. 

This privacy statement may be changed from time to time. We expect most changes to be minor in nature. We will continue to inform you via this Privacy Statement of our obligations under what the Australian Data Protection Authority may further determine or require a decision and/or a court decision to make. We cannot inform you personally. Nevertheless, we will post any changes to the Privacy Policy on this page and, if the changes are significant, provide a more prominent notice. Each version of this privacy statement is identified at the bottom of the page with the effective date.

Last modified 16 March 2022

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