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Ayurvedic Wellness Retreats

Experience a getaway with a difference that will give you inner peace, vitality and joy

Sri Lanka is bursting with Ayurvedic and spiritual centres galore. Apart from the breathtaking scenery, stunning sunsets and delicious food, the wellness aspect is one that appeals to solo and group travellers alike. Ayurvedic retreats and spiritual centres make it an ideal place to visit for those that like to combine travel with self-care and self-development, and there’s always beautiful beaches to take some serious time out on. If you’re considering a wellness getaway, soothe your soul with our stunning Ayurvedic Wellness Retreats set amongst rural, untouched wilderness. 

Ayurvedic Medicine is a medical system from India that has been used for thousands of years. The goal is to cleanse the body and to restore balance to the body, mind, and spirit. It uses diet, herbal medicines, exercise, meditation, breathing, physical therapy, and other methods. Sri Lanka Escapes offers complete relaxation and wellness retreats for *6,  8, 10, 14 days (additional days and weeks available on request) experiencing traditional Ayurvedic treatments that provide true rejuvenation and revitalisation for the soul. Looking for a solo escape? We welcome you to book into any one of our Wellness Retreats. With friends or family? Heal your mind, body and soul with our Group Ayurvedic packages with a Minimum of 6 friends in Sri Lanka for your perfect wellness retreat. 

Surrounded by nature, our Ayurvedic retreats offer a well-being experience for everyone…for those looking to escape from stresses of their daily life, to those needing a bit of loving care, right down to those who are suffering from a minor or major illness needing intense treatment – sometimes a healing that western medicine cannot offer. Experience the natural and homely environment and care at our award winning retreat centre. Come and embark on a journey towards a happier, healthier, new you…

On arrival at the Colombo International Airport you will be met by our Sri Lanka Escapes Tour Guide welcoming you and transferring you to the Ayurvedic Retreat to begin your long-awaited, ayurvedic treatment of tranquil relaxation and wellness experience of the soul. Located in a gorgeous and comfortable environment, our Ayurvedic Retreat combines Deluxe accommodation and authentic ayurvedic treatments. 

Choose the retreat that suits you: Yoga and Meditation, Detox and Refresh, Full Ayurveda Wellness and Healing, Weight loss and Wellness while enjoying the beauty of our resort with holistic food prepared by our Ayurvedic chefs. Enjoy  our beautiful natural grounds as you relax and unwind in our stunning resort sanctuary for 7, 10, 14, 21, 28  days (additional days and weeks available on request)  on your relaxation, healing and wellness journey. Your first days treatment will be light as the body needs time to settle in to the environmental changes, effects of flying and jet lag. Ayurveda is very much a gentle push to the body to help recover itself or get to its optimum balance. It works very much with the speed of your body. Introductions of treatments to the body is done gently and gradually.Your days will be spent practising guided yoga, meditation, swimming, hiking, waterfalls, reading, relaxing around the pool, participating in workshops, cooking demonstrations, vegetable picking, educational health and wellness talks and learning about the Yoga an Ayurveda philosophy and enjoying a massage in the spa centre and of course relaxing around the swimming pool. 

*Combination packages include full Wellness Retreat experience and a Discover Sri Lanka private tour for *4, *6, *8 days to experience a Wildlife Safari, beautiful beaches, elephant orphanage, majestic viewpoints, waterfalls, and the true experience of locals.  *Enjoy the full experience of Sri Lanka with our combination package:  Wellness Retreat 6 days plus Discover Sri Lanka 4 days (10),  Wellness Retreat 8 days plus Discover Sri Lanka 7 days combo packages (14), or do it in reverse, ask for details.


All retreats feature a delicious plant based menu, with your in-house chef for the duration of the Retreat. Ayurveda places a high importance on food, noting that poor digestion (including assimilation of nutrition and elimination of waste products) is one of the two main causes of all diseases (the other cause being the state of the mind). Therefore, the food we serve is overseen by our team of doctors. They have developed the menus and monitor the kitchen to ensure the meals are nutritionally balanced and in keeping with the Ayurvedic principles. Your meals are vegetarian, gluten and sugar free. Most dishes are vegan and if you have allergies and food intolerances, we can both help you with them and amend our food accordingly. 


Ayurvedic food preparation is a complete science of its own, requiring careful consideration of the following factors: Guna (properties or qualities of the food), Rasa (the six tastes), Vipaka (the product of digestion), Virya (the potential of generating heat or cold), Prabhava (unique qualities) and Karma (resulting action in body and mind). Guests are invited to learn about diet and also on how to cook your favorite meals through cookery demonstrations conducted by our doctors and the kitchen team. Our ‘Farm to Plate Policy’ ensures that the majority of the food that is served to you comes directly from the Plantation own rice paddy field, organic vegetables, fruit, spice and herbs garden. Free from the artificial preservatives, colourings and pesticides, all meals on site are home made from healthy, fresh ingredients. Anything that is not picked straight from our own organic gardens is sourced locally and ethically so that quality of the food is not compromised. The complete experience encourages a more “hands on” approach to wellness and promotes changes to unhealthy lifestyle choices and habits for good. Enjoy a stay at one of the best Wellness Ayurveda Retreats in Sri Lanka....

Ayurvedic Wellness Retreats

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