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Ayurvedic Wellness Retreats will have you feeling zen in no time

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Move over Bali, Sri Lanka is on its way to becoming the hottest travel destination, and for good reasons. Apart from the breathtaking scenery, stunning sunsets, and delicious food, the wellness aspect is one that appeals to solo and group travelers alike. Ayurvedic retreats and spiritual centers make it an ideal place to visit for those that like to combine travel with self-care and self-development, and there’s always beautiful beaches to take some serious time out on. If you are considering a wellness getaway, Sri Lanka could well be the destination for you. Here are our best wellness retreats you need to know about.

Sri Lanka Escapes Ayurvedic Wellness Retreats soothe your soul with our stunning mountainside retreat set amongst the rural, untouched wilderness. We certainly take wellness seriously and aim to show you a way of life that puts your well-being at center stage. Plenty of yoga, spa pampering, and traditional Ayurvedic rituals will have you feeling Zen in no time, while the education component of the Ayurvedic philosophy means you will take home plenty of habits and knowledge that will continue to enhance every area of your life.

If Ayurveda is something you are particularly interested in incorporating into your wellness routine, then our Ayurvedic Wellness Retreats are designed to provide you with everyday tools to assist you in enhancing your wellbeing in a tailor-made way, making wellness retreats that will transcend every area of your life.

Ayurvedic Medicine is a medical system from India that has been used for thousands of years. The goal is to cleanse the body and restore balance to the body, mind, and spirit. It uses diet, herbal medicines, exercise, meditation, breathing, physical therapy, and other methods. Sri Lanka Escapes offers complete relaxation and wellness retreats for 8, 10, and 14 days experiencing traditional ayurvedic treatments that provide true rejuvenation and revitalization for the soul. With friends or family? Heal your mind, body, and soul with our Group Ayurvedic packages with a Minimum of six friends in Sri Lanka for your perfect wellness retreat.

All retreats feature a delicious plant-based menu, with your in-house chef for the duration of the Retreat. Ayurveda places high importance on food, noting that poor digestion (including assimilation of nutrition and elimination of waste products) is one of the two main causes of all diseases (the other cause is the state of the mind). Therefore, the food we serve is overseen by our team of doctors. They have developed the menus and monitored the kitchen to ensure the meals are nutritionally balanced and in keeping with the Ayurvedic principles. Your meals are vegetarian, gluten and sugar-free. Most dishes are vegan and if you have allergies and food intolerances, we can both help you with them and amend our food accordingly.

From Yoga and Meditation, Detox and Refresh, Full Ayurveda Wellness and Healing, Weight loss and Wellness, our resort’s physician will prescribe treatments from yoga exercise schedules and tailor-made dietary plans to herbal treatment packages and traditional stress-reduction techniques. Bliss!

If you are looking to quieten your mind, you will find peace in our Yoga & Meditation Retreat enabling you to sit amidst the stillness during a meditation session or opt for a yoga session surrounded by acres of greenery that face the majestic mountain range. You will also enjoy authentic and refreshing ayurvedic spa remedies.

Experience a getaway with a difference that will give you inner peace, vitality, and joy... explore our Ayurvedic Wellness Retreats.


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