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Why go with an over 50's fully guided group tour ?

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

5 Benefits for 50+ going to Sri Lanka with a fully Guided Tour?

A trip to Sri Lanka isn’t all about sightseeing. It’s about the experience that the trip gives you, a chance to discover yourself and return as a new you!

And this process of discovery and enlightenment gets even better when you go with a small, escorted group. There’s no crowd; just the connection you need to refresh yourself on this trip.

If you’re over 50, here are five reasons to book this trip today!

1. Getting to Meet Like-Minded People

Known as one of the best scenic  train trips in the world, via tea plantations and mountains

When you reach Sri Lanka, you will meet your tour-mates to all begin an amazing adventure together for the next 14 days Culture & Heritage Triangle Sri Lanka 50+ escorted tour. Travelling together to experience this beautiful country allows you to meet new people and form new wonderful, life long friendship, or just someone to laugh and have a joke with or share how you feel when you see breathtaking views and experiences. We begin with travelling to beautiful Ella with a visit of breathtaking views of the magnificent Ravana Ella waterfalls, while having the opportunity to getting to meet and your fellow travellers on your tour.

The spirit of the adventure and the like-mindedness with the people in your group will have you looking forward to each day of the trip together! You can make memories with your new friends as you travel and experience beautiful Sri Lankan destinations together, with lots of fun and laughter together, if you are a solo traveller or travelling as a couple.

2. Group Tour Guide

Experience an unforgettable group tour with an English-speaking guide with vast knowledge and experience of the country’s culture. It will allow you to discover Sri Lankan culture like never before.

And the one-on-one encounter with nature and experience with the local Sri Lankan culture is what you will reminisce about after years of this trip.

You’ll also probably forge a lasting connection with the friends you make on this trip with whom you can talk about the memories together!

3. Warm Pristine Beach with New Friends

Picture yourself basking in the serenity of Sri Lanka's warm and pristine beaches, with the sun gently caressing your skin. Now picture yourself on the beach with friends of the same age group relaxing, talking, and making connections.

A Warm Pristine beach in Sri Lanka where you can relax

It is the beauty of group trips. You experience the same pristine beach in a whole new dimension. These connections and memories will last long and allow you to discover yourself before you return home.

4. Organised and Worry-Free Trip

When you leave the trip planning and organising to someone who has arranged hundreds of trips, you can rewind and reenergise yourself without stressing about the details.

All the meals and the sightseeing trips are organised by us. All you must do is sit back and relax. The best part about a relaxing trip is that you soak in the rich Cultural Heritage Triangle. It encompasses the relics of the Sinhalese Kingdom from Anuradhapura, the later capital of Polonnaruwa and the cave temples of Dambulla.

These places are a must-visit whenever you go to Sri Lanka. And when the trip is as organised as the14 days Culture & Heritage Triangle Sri Lanka 50+ escorted tour. you get to witness and enjoy all the natural sights and the Sri Lankan culture worry-free!

5. Easy Pace

This escorted group is exclusive to 50 and above. So, the trip is planned accordingly. The pace is easy, and you will get ample time to relax after the day’s activities.

Day 9: Sigiriya “Lion Rock” on the 14-day escorted  culture & heritage triangle group tour

Also, throughout the trip, the travellers are provided with a timely breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Travellers always have dedicated private AC transportation and bottled water supplies, making sure that they are comfortable throughout their journey.

6. Your Choice of Flight

The best part about this trip is that you can take a flight to Sydney or Melbourne and get a two-in-one thrill from this trip. After enjoying and soaking in the natural goodness, fly from any state and soak up what Australia offers that you can take a flight from Sydney or Melbourne. You can even meet with the trip in Colombo. You choose the starting point and leave the rest of the trip to us!

Final Words

Sri Lanka is a destination that has something to offer to every traveller. Whether you are a history enthusiast, love beaches, or are excited to learn about new cultures, this Sri Lanka trip has a mix of everything.

Day 12:  Sacred City of Anuradhapura Kingdom on the 14-day escorted culture & heritage triangle group tour

If you’re over 50, you can join as a solo or couple traveller with a group on the 14-Day Cultural & Heritage Triangle Sri Lanka tour Tours depart on 05 March and 04 June 2024! So, book soon since there are limited seats for this opportunity to experience Sri Lanka with like-minded people.

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