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Why should you choose Sri Lanka for your next family trip?

Why Should You Choose Sri Lanka for Your Next Family Trip?

The heart of Asia has a hidden treasure – a tear-shaped island adorned with breathtaking landscapes and a coastline that embraces the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

Sri Lanka will captivate you with its rich heritage, majestic elephants, and pristine tropical beaches.

5 Reasons to Choose Sri Lanka for Your Next Family Trip

As a traveller, you must adapt to the local environment when exploring a new destination. However, when you have children, it’s all about Disneyland and Six Flags!

But when you visit Sri Lanka, the experience will be surreal. The Sri Lanka escapades offer 14 days and 13 nights of family escapes that offer a perfect balance between comfort and new experiences.

Here are five reasons to pick Sri Lanka for your family trip during the December-January summer break:

1. Comfort Above Everything

When you arrive at the airport in Sri Lanka, you will have an English-speaking chauffeur drive you to the hotel. You and your children can enjoy the scenic ride through the countryside. From there on, wherever you go, you will travel in an air-conditioned private car so your family can relax while having the time of their lives.

2. Daily Meals for the Family

Children can become extremely finicky when they are away from their homes. It is a way for them to show that they need to be in control of some things. So, the pickiness all comes down to food.

Therefore, when planning a family trip, it becomes crucial to consider the food options available to ensure that everyone is well-fed. Our family escapades include daily breakfast and dinner suited to your tastes for all 14 days of the trip.

3. Introducing Children to the Sri Lankan Culture

In addition to enjoying regular meals, your family will have the unique opportunity to engage with the local population and savour their authentic cuisine cooked over a fire during lunchtime. Your family will get a chance to embark on an unforgettable culinary journey where you can bond over a family cooking class and delight your taste buds with the tantalising flavours of Sri Lanka.

When preparing and sharing meals with your children, your English-speaking guide will give you insights into Sri Lankan traditions and customs. It's a great opportunity for your family to embrace diversity and have a deeper appreciation for different cultures.

4. Family Hotels

When planning a visit to Sri Lanka, you might envision rustic stays in village accommodations. However, when travelling with your family, you prioritise comfort and cleanliness. Rest assured, Sri Lanka offers a range of accommodations that meet these expectations, providing private facilities and maintaining impeccable hygiene standards. You can choose from 3+ star and 4+ star hotels that are ideal for family stays.

These carefully selected hotels not only prioritise comfort and cleanliness but also offer a touch of luxury for your family's indulgence on both the Best of Sri Lanka and adventure trips. Imagine relaxing by the swimming pool, sipping on refreshing coconut water, while your children joyfully splash around. Now this is what we can call a vacation!

5. Slower Pace

If you are travelling with children aged 0-11 years, you’ll be happy to learn that our trip is designed to ensure they have a delightful Sri Lankan experience. Children can be energetic and curious and get bored quickly. So, the trip has carefully curated activities that cater to their interests and needs.

During the trip, your children will be enthralled by the captivating gem museum. They will be excited to experience the Catamaran ride, Bullock cart ride, and Tuk Tuk ride. Children will also love washing and bathing with an elephant during the itinerary.

As they create lifelong memories, you'll have opportunities to capture these special moments through photographs. And if you’re visiting during Christmas, this vacation will be a unique and memorable way to celebrate the holiday.

Final Words

Whether you're a single parent with 1-3 kids or a family of 2 adults with 1-3 kids, your family will have the time of their lives exploring the Sri Lankan heritage, experiencing aTuk Tuk, swimming and enjoying the beautiful beaches with warm water, walking in the team planation and enjoy the amazing Wildlife Safari with wild elephants, leopards and more.

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