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Over 50's love to travel to beautiful Sri Lanka

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Why Do People Over 50's Love to Travel to Beautiful Sri Lanka

When you hit the 50 milestone, it seems like bidding farewell to the young, energetic days. However, if you’ve been a traveller, the desire to explore remains strong. But if hiking or scuba diving no longer appeal to you, fret not! An incredible destination awaits your discovery – the magnificent island of Sri Lanka.

Why is Sri Lanka a Paradise for People Over 50?

Over the past few years, Sri Lanka has become a beloved destination for travellers over 50. Most are drawn to its mesmerising scenic landscapes and rich cultural tapestry.

But there are a lot more reasons why Sri Lanka is quickly becoming the top travel destination for people over 50:

1. Luxury and Comfort-

When travellers arrive at the Bandaranaike International Airport, they are welcomed by an experienced English-speaking chauffeur. As travellers go through the

Quality 3 star hotels  single, twin, double all with private ensuite bathroom.

vibrant city of Colombo to their hotel, they get their first glimpse of Sri Lankan history. But much more awaits them when they visit the breathtaking Ravana Ella waterfalls.

Throughout the trip, the travellers are provided with timely breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. Travellers always have dedicated private AC transportation, so they are comfortable throughout their journey. Hotels are high standard 3 star, double, twin share, single rooms all with private ensuite bathrooms.

2. Elephant Safari-

One of the most captivating experiences on our all inclusive over 50’s 14-day Culture and Heritage Triangle Sri Lanka Escape tour is the Wildlife Safari. Here travellers will witness majestic animals in their natural habitat, including elephants, leopards, and colourful birds.

Wildlife Safari Minneriya National Park,  Sri Lanka

Travellers will also get to encounter baby elephants at the refuge. It's not uncommon for travellers over 50 to rediscover their inner child, brimming with excitement at the sight of these adorable and playful baby elephants. These experiences leave an indelible mark on their hearts and create memories they will cherish for a lifetime.

3. Reconnect with Nature-

The 14-day Culture & Heritage Triangle Sri Lanka tour will start by taking travellers to the Ravana Ella waterfalls and other mesmerising viewpoints. They will also go to Little Adam's Peak, passing through tea plantations and local villages.

Tea plantations in Sri Lanka

Many explorers love to savour a cup of tea while surrounded by lush greenery. Many others take tea leaves as gifts or to enjoy tea at home to relive their trip to Sri Lanka.

The scenic routes and the breathtaking views leave travellers in awe. It is a chance for them to rewind and relax as the fresh air and amazing stops harmonise their body and mind.

4. Engage in Rich Cultural Tapestry -

People over 50 have learnt to appreciate different cultures and traditions. When they visit Sri Lanka, they get a chance to engage with the locals and even learn from them how to cook a traditional Sri Lankan meal!

Srilanka breakfast with majestic views

They even witness a rich display of colours and culture when they see the locals dancing with them.

5. Beach Days-

Before travellers return, they get to enjoy two beach days. It is up to them if they want to go snorkelling or if they feel like sitting by the pool and relaxing.

Beach and  Pool in Sri Lanka that travellers enjoy

Mesmerised with the over 300 species of coral reef fish at Pigeon Forge, travellers over 50 often choose snorkelling and then relax the rest of the day. They love to relax by the waters in the evening, reading a book or simply taking in all the energy of the crystal-clear waters. Many of them also love to take a swim in the morning before their flight back home. It is the perfect goodbye to a great trip.

Final Words

Sri Lanka is a destination that caters to travellers of all ages. Whether you unwind on golden beaches, immerse yourself in fascinating history, or simply revel in the warm hospitality of the locals, Sri Lanka beckons you with open arms.

If you’re over 50, you can join as a solo, couples travellers on the our Classic Sri Lanka tour during the months or April - October or enjoy our Best of Sri Lanka tours solo or as a couple from November - March or travel on our 7, 11 or 14 days

For all those over 50, you can even join our all inclusive the 14-day Culture & Heritage Triangle Sri Lanka trip whether you are travelling solo or as a couple. With two (2) departure dates 05 March 2024 and 04 June 2024, you must book soon and there is only a small deposit to secure you seat, since there are limited seats. Once you do, you’ll be looking forward to one of the best travelling experiences you will have!

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